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Man Disappears After Posting Craigslist Ad For Caretaker

Tennessee police are searching for a man who went missing, and is suspected to be with a woman, after posting an ad on Craigslist for a caretaker.

The Fayette County Sheriff's Office received a call on July 30 about a man named Ellis Vogt who went missing from his Williston home, WMC Action News reported.

"It is not like him to be gone or to not be able to get in touch with him,” Vogt's son, Kenneth Vogt, told WMC. “We've not had any contact.”

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Ellis Vogt, 59, had a stroke a few years ago and needs a caretaker. Investigators believe the woman Ellis is with became his caretaker two weeks ago.

"We received a phone call from the family of Mr. Ellis Vogt Saturday night indicating he was missing from his residence," Fayette County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Ricky Wilson told the news station. "He is a victim of a stroke and is dependent on medications. [The family] hasn't had any contact with him since sometime Friday night."

The Vogt family first noticed that Ellis was gone when Kenneth went to visit him. His medications were gone and his dark green 1999 Plymouth Voyager van is also missing.

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Authorities said Ellis had recently advertised for a caretaker on Craigslist, and a woman answered the ad. Investigators only know the woman as “Janie,” Local Memphis reported.

"We just want everybody to take a hard look at the pictures of him, her and the vehicle they were traveling in," Kenny told Local Memphis.

"This is very out of character for my father for him to be gone and had no contact with us, so we just want to bring him back home safe,” he added.

Sources: WMC Action News, Local Memphis / Photo credit: Fayette County Sheriff's Office via WMC Action News

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