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Man Points Banana At Cops Like Handgun As 'Joke'

A self-proclaimed comedian made a joke that almost cost him his life recently.

Nathen Channing, 28, was almost shot by police after he pulled a banana out of his pocket and pointed it at two officers like a gun. When asked why he did such a reckless thing, Channing said he “does a lot of YouTube” and thought it would be a funny joke to post online.

The incident started when Channing approached a deputy sitting in his car and started to pull out the banana. That deputy sped off immediately and called for backup. When another officer pulled up on Channing, he again reached into his pocket and pulled out the banana like a handgun. The officer then reached for his handgun, at which point Channing screamed out “It’s a banana!”

When Channing was pressed by officers about his actions, he said "it was just a joke that he realizes, now… is not funny,” the police report states. Channing told officers he wanted to post the “joke” on YouTube, but the police were quick to point out that he didn’t record the incident.

Here’s what else Mesa County Sheriff Deputy Joshua Bunch had to say about the ordeal.

"I informed Nathen his reasoning did not make [sense] to me since he did not have anything to post on the internet," Bunch wrote in an affidavit. "Nathen stated he was just completing 'trial runs' of the joke."

The deputies claim Channing never showed any remorse for the joke, and insisted he thought it would “lighten the holiday spirit.”

The not so funny part: Channing is now facing felony menacing charges.

Sources: 9 News, KDVR / Photo Credit: Mesa County Sheriff's Office


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