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Man Plots To Kill Ex-Wife's New Husband Ahead Of Eight-Year-Old Son's Adoption

Michael Hecht found out via Facebook that his ex-wife was planning to have her new husband legally adopt their eight-year-old son after Hecht left them when the boy was just an infant, and upon finding out that his son wouldn’t retain his last name after the adoption, he attempted to kill the stepfather.

According to reports, Michael Hecht was able to break into his ex-wife’s home and confronted his son’s stepfather while wearing a red mask and holding a homemade gun.

“I have a bullet for you and I’m going to (expletive) kill you,” Hecht said, according to WLWT.

The stepfather proceeded to run into the living room to tell his son to call 911, and that’s when the fight broke out between the two. In the middle of the brawl, the stepdad was able to grab a glass and hit Hecht in the head with it several times. It was only during the fight when the intruder’s wallet fell out of his pants that anyone realized he was Hecht.

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The stepfather was able to hold Hecht down on the ground until police arrived and arrested him on the spot. Reports say that Hecht’s ex-wife has had an order of protection out on him and that they haven’t seen or heard from him in three years.

The adoption papers and legal name change were supposed to be a Christmas surprise for the eight-year-old boy, but thanks to his biological father, what was supposed to be an exciting thing turned into a scary encounter.

“For Christmas, mom decides that she's going to surprise everyone and put out the adoption papers so everyone can have the same last name and they can officially be all one big happy family,” Middletown Police Lt. Scott Reeve said.

Hecht is now facing a felony assault charge and will appear in court this week.



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