Man Murders Two Sex Offenders After They Show Interest In His Son


A man has admitted to killing two men to stop them from grooming young boys for sex.

Reports say that an officer found the bodies of 66-year-old Joseph Mosia and 20-year-old Michael Henderson inside a Spanaway, Washington area home on Sunday morning.

The officer was reportedly conducting a routine sex offender check in the area when he discovered the bodies and had to leave the home because he found evidence of a “booby trap or hazardous device.”

Once they obtained a search warrant, deputies discovered that the unknown device was a set of wires that ran to the home from a different building where marijuana used to be grown.

After bringing in four different people for questioning, police eventually got a confession out of 40-year-old Richard Atkisson who claimed to kill the two to stop them from grooming young boys for sex. Reports say that the two tried to get him to bring his son from California to Washington.

Atkisson has now pleaded guilty to murdering Mosia and Henderson. Reports say that Atkisson beat Mosia with a pipe before beating Henderson to death and finishing Mosia off with a plastic bag.

Sources: Q13 Fox, KOMO News


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