Man Pleads Guilty To Having Sex With Dead Girlfriend

Man Pleads Guilty To Having Sex With Dead Girlfriend Promo Image

A Connecticut man has been sentenced to one year in prison after having sexual intercourse with his deceased girlfriend's body.

The incident occurred in January. Police arrived at Aaron Graser's home after receiving a 911 call about an unresponsive woman, the Daily Mail reported.

Authorities found the woman unconscious with heroin needles near her body. They tried resuscitating her, but she was dead before the 911 call was made, according to the medical examiner.

Graser, 39, told detectives he found his girlfriend unresponsive with heroin and drug paraphernalia on her lap. He said he thought the best way to wake her up was to have sex with her, adding that he did not know she was dead because her body was still making noises.

“Aaron stated that he laid the victim down the bed and he rubbed her sternum,” the arrest warrant states, according to the Hartford Courant. “Aaron stated he listened to see if the victim was breathing and he heard gurgling. Aaron stated he knew the victim hated having sex with him so he figured that the victim might wake up if he had sex with her.”

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Graser admitted to police that he tied his girlfriend's ankles and wrists to the bed posts because it was a "fetish" of his. He said he called his neighbor after he finished having sex with his girlfriend and saw that she still wasn't waking up.

Graser's neighbor, a former paramedic, told police he believed the woman died long before her body was discovered. An autopsy confirmed the neighbor's claim.

Other than the ligature marks on the woman's wrist and ankles, there were no other signs of bruising that would indicate foul play. A medical examiner also said the noises Graser said he heard at the time could have been gases leaving the woman's body as it began decomposing.  

Toxicology reports show the woman died of a drug overdose. High levels of fentanyl, heroin and another synthetic drug were discovered in the woman's system at the time of her death. Her name has not been made public at this time.

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Graser pleaded guilty to fourth-degree sexual assault on a corpse and violation of probation. He was initially facing charges of second-degree assault, but agreed to plead guilty if the charge was lessened. He was sentenced to a year in prison.

The judge hearing Graser's case said he was not required to register as a sex offender because it wasn't necessary for "public safety based upon the facts in this case."

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