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Man To Plead Guilty To Killing Mom, Wants Cats' Names Added As Victims

Matthew McAveeney told a judge in Woburn, Massachusetts, on Wednesday that he intends to plead guilty to charges that he killed his mother and his two cats, but wants the felines' names added to his indictment.

McAveeney was charged with beating his mother, Barbara, to death in October of 2014 in her apartment. He was also charged with two counts of cruelty to animals, noted CBS Boston.

“The animals are, were, living beings," McAveeney told the court. "They had lives, they had personalities, they had identities, and if I’m going to be convicted of killing them, I would like them to be known for what they were, you know, who they were, by their names."

The judge ruled that she would allow his request, but added that McAveeney has to undergo a mental health evaluation before his guilty plea will be accepted by the court, reports WCVB.

Sources: CBS Boston, WCVB / Image Credit: Middlesex District Attorney Media Handout


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