Man Pistol-Whipped By Intruders Turns Tables With AK-47


A South Florida man armed with an AK-47 fought off three men who broke into his home, suffering injuries himself before fatally shooting one of the invaders. The other two suspects fled on foot.

Davie, Fla. police spokesman Capt. Dale Engle told NBC Miami that the resident was pistol-whipped by three intruders who entered his apartment last Thursday night before he confronted them with his own weapon of choice.

“The resident of the apartment had possession of an AK-47 and after he received this beating he was able to get possession or control of that, and started shooting at these suspects as they were fleeing,” Engle said.

"The [resident] is beat up pretty good, and he ends up shooting at the [suspects and] one of the bad guys gets hit and expires," Engle explained to the Sun-Sentinel.

The suspect who was shot died at a nearby hospital after being found around 8 p.m. outside the front door of the apartment building.

The resident was significantly injured, but has been released from the hospital. He was questioned by police Friday, who said he was cooperative, and then released. His weapon was examined after being found in the grass near his home.

According to police, the four men involved knew each other. Their identities have not been released, nor any further information about their relationship.

The two escaped suspects are still at large. Area police are asking for any tips that might be useful in tracking down the perpetrators.

Sources: NBC Miami, Sun-Sentinel


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