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Man Picks Up Woman At Bar, Gets Intimate With Her, Leaves Out Key Detail About His Health

An HIV-positive man has been accused of having unprotected sex with a woman he met in a Maryland bar.

The suspect has been identified as Daniel Cleaves. The Washington Post alleges that Cleaves had sex with the female victim, who was not identified, over a three-day period in the summer.

The report indicates that when Cleaves left a bag behind, he called and asked her to look for a document; it was while searching for the document that the victim found his medical records.

The Washington Post reports that she asked him via text, “Do you have HIV?” to which he answered, “No, why?”

According to the Post, it was only after the victim told him that she knows he does have HIV that the 28-year-old man only disclosed his status to the victim.

She told him via text that she “can’t believe you didn’t tell me…I’m going to the hospital right now.”

Cleaves’ text response was reportedly to say, “I’m not a bad person. I just made a mistake. I just don’t want to stop talking to you because of this.”

According to The Post, “Court records state she has been tested but do not indicate if the results are complete or if she would test positive yet if she had been infected.”

Cleaves is now facing seven criminal counts of “possibly transferring the virus to her.” He is currently out on bond and is due to appear in court on Nov. 14.

Staff at the Harp and Fiddle, where Cleaves picked up the victim, has reportedly said that Cleaves was a “familiar face” and expressed concern that he may have hooked up with other women.

As NBC 12 reports, Cleaves has also been accused in separate sexual assaults in Richmond and Virginia Beach, although charges have not yet been brought in those counties.

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Photo Sources: Crime FeedThe Washington PostMail Online


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