Man Spent Over $60,000 To Look Like Anime Character (Photos)

Man Spent Over $60,000 To Look Like Anime Character (Photos) Promo Image

A Malaysian entrepreneur spent over $60,000 on cosmetic surgery in an effort to look like his favorite video game character.

Amirul Rizwan Musa, 21, goes by the name Miyyo RizOne on social media, according to AsiaOne. He said he underwent his first plastic surgery operation in 2014, shortly after embarking on a modeling career.

Since then he has had several other operations done, totaling $64,300. He said his goal is to physically resemble Squall Leonhart, a character from the video game "Final Destination 8."

Musa, who now owns his own cosmetics business, said he never expected his physical transformation to receive so much attention. Unfortunately, much of that attention has been negative.

"I have received numerous calls and messages continuously from the public who just aim to curse me," he told Harian Metro, according to AsiaOne. "Worse still, there are those who came to see me face-to-face just to insult me."

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Speaking to New Straits Times earlier this month, Musa lashed out at his critics.

"I have had enough. Please stop condemning me," he said.

While at first he believed that all the publicity -- whether positive or negative -- would help him expand his business, he soon discovered the opposite to be true.

"I have gained so much attention that I have lost the trust of some customers who condemned me for going under the knife to change my appearance," Musa told New Straits Times.

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He added that it is becoming difficult to perform his daily routine without being hassled by strangers.

"People have come up to me in public and insulted me in my face," he said. "I have received this kind of backlash both online and in the streets, in Kelantan and Kuala Lumpur."

The reactions of those close to him hasn't been much better, although his parents are supportive.

"Some of my family members had criticized me, including my siblings, but my parents have accepted me as I am regardless of what I have done to my face."

Musa went on to explain that plastic surgery was a way for him to overcome the self-esteem issues that he developed as a teenager.

"After I contracted chicken pox when I was 16, my skin condition deteriorated and my self-esteem took a plunge," he said. "I was obsessed with anime characters and I felt ashamed that I looked the way I did back then so I decided to undergo plastic surgery to boost my confidence."

Ultimately, he says he just wants to be treated like a normal person.

"Please try to understand my situation and stop dehumanizing and cursing me," he said. "It is very stressful."

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