Man Kicked Out Of Pay Lake For Catching Too Many Fish


A Kentucky fisherman was booted from a Louisville-area no-limit pay lake for catching too many fish.

Austin Curry was kicked out of Horseshoe Pay Lake in southern Jefferson County after he caught 40 fish that day, reports WDRB. He says he caught three the day before. Curry, from Bowling Green, Kentucky, paid $20 to fish for 12 hours. His ticket was dated March 26 and says there’s no limit.

Curry recorded the incident on his phone and it and shows Horseshoe Pay Lake business partner Curtis Ables saying that fish cost $2 per pound and that Curry need to “catch within reason.”

"Last Saturday, I got there at 6:30," Curry said. "Started catching fish, and at 8:30, Curtis came and raised my basket and said, you are out of here. I said why? He said you caught too many fish."

Ables gave a cryptic response when a WDRB reporter  what the "no limit" description meant.

"It can mean anything," Ables said. "It could be a no limit on the tickets. All I'm telling you is I've got rules out here and these individuals are going to follow them or they're not going to be out of here."

Ables says around 30 men "take advantage" of the lake and has now posted a handwritten sign inside the bait house that says there's a 12 fish limit.

"I can tell you if you're breaking my rules, you're going out the gate," he said.

The new tickets now no longer say “no limit” and at the bottom of each ticket, it says “no commercial fishing on the lake.”

A volunteer at Horseshoe Pay Lake, Jeff Yocum, says, "He puts them in for everybody, not just handful of guys to catch them all out and them sell them.”

Curry says he doesn't sell the fish, but instead gives them away or donates them for charity fish frys.

The Horseshoe Pay Lake Facebook page now says, "2 pole limit, no limit (12 fish on certain people)." The fishing establishment has also installed security cameras within recent months to monitor the lake.

In May 2015, a video of Ron Riordan being kicked out of Horseshoe Pay Lake went viral, reported WDRB.

Sources: WDRB (2) / Photo credit: WDRB

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