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Man's Wrap From Chop't Restaurant Reportedly Features Dead Rodent Inside (Photos)

A New York Financial District worker ordered a wrap from a Chop’t restaurant and was shocked to discover that there was a dead rodent inside.

Pictures of the rodent wrap were originally posted to Twitter by the unnamed person’s coworker.

“My colleague ordered a wrap and got a rat,” Steven Henderson wrote in his Twitter post.

After the picture was posted on Twitter, it quickly went viral, and the Chop’t restaurant decided to close down for the day to do a “deep clean” of the building.

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Once the picture started to spread and the restaurant acknowledged the incident, Henderson suddenly deleted all of his tweets related to the incident and refused to answer questions about it. When Gothamist tried to reach out to him for comment and to try to talk to the unnamed coworker, he responded, “I've had enough of this topic for one day. I saw your blog post. I've taken down the twitter post because it's caused quite the uproar and I need to get back to work.”

Another coworker who posted a picture of the wrap also decided to put the issue to rest, tweeting, “Thanks but it's time to wrap this up and put #ratwrap2014 behind us.”

Source: Daily Mail, Gothamist


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