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Man Shot Dead After Defending Woman Being Beaten

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A man attempting to stop another man who was beating a woman in a parking lot was shot dead.

The shooting took place outside of a Walmart in San Antonio, the Daily Herald reported. The shooter was physically assaulting a woman when the victim drove up and told him to stop, Police Chief William McManus said. The attacker then pulled out a handgun and killed the man. He also critically injured a bystander.

A woman who was in the car with the victim was also injured.

McManus said the woman escaped the scene, and a police helicopter followed the suspect for 10 minutes before authorities caught and arrested him.

In a similar story, two soldiers attempting to protect a woman at a bar in South Carolina were killed, according to WLTX.

Joseph Mills, 25, was fighting a woman outside of the bar when the soliders intervened. Sergeants Charles Judge and Jonathan Prins stopped Mills and pulled him away from the woman. Mills then pulled out a gun and shot both men several times.

Mills fled, but was ultimately caught and charged with two counts of murder.

“When [Judge and Prins] get in within two feet of him -- they both have their hands up trying to talk to him -- and he just shoots them in cold blood,” Justin Brooks, owner of the bar in which the incident took place, told WLTX of the moment the men were killed. 

“And then just walks off like nothing happened," he continued. "Walked off like he was shopping at Walmart, right down the aisle. Put a shirt over his head so people couldn’t see him and just walked right off. They are definitely heroes.”

Brian Deese, a friend of Judge, said he wasn’t surprised by his friend’s selfless intervention and the way he sacrificed his life to save someone else’s.

“He’d do it 100 times again,” Deese said. “He’s a hero.”

Sources: Daily Herald, WLTX / Photo credit: Gideon Tsang/Flickr

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