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Man Notices Something Odd Strapped To Truck, Realizes It's His Worst Nightmare (Video)

A video has emerged of a giant snake chained to a flatbed truck in an unknown location (video below). The recording shows a large snake strapped to the open flatbed of a truck as the camera pans from the tail to its massive head. The serpent’s body is not only long, but also wide and thick.

The reptile’s face is especially wide and flat, resembling a pug dog with a heavy underbite and colossal tongue that pokes out. Its eyes are perfectly round and nearly the same color as the snake’s skin, giving it a lifeless appearance. Although the reptile is seen moving around despite being strapped to the truck, no one knows if it survived the trip.

YouTube user Mike Oxlarge posted the video on the site on Oct. 1, 2015, but did not provide any details about the snake or how it was found and captured. The clip has garnered more than 700,000 views since it was uploaded.

Users have commented on what species the snake is, with some arguing the massive snake is an anaconda, while others say it’s a python.

FarshidFDM writes: “This is ANACONDA usually they live in Amazon-Brazil !!! The biggest snake ever exist!”

Christopher Mendez replies: “the largest snake is a reticulated python...anacondas are not even half the length of the largest snakes...but anacondas have large heads and are very fat 'girthy.'"

This is not the first time a giant snake has been captured and gone viral. In April, one of the world’s largest snakes died shortly after being captured in Malaysia. The reticulated python was discovered and caught at a construction site near Paya Terubong.

After the Malaysia Civil Defense Department captured the snake, it was kept in a cage and died three days later, according to CNN.

The species is normally found in Southeast Asia and is considered the longest reptile in the world, measuring at about 25 feet and weighing around 550 pounds.

The Guinness World Record for the longest snake in the world belongs to a 25 foot 2 inch snake named Medusa who lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

Sources: YouTubeCNN / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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