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Man Walks Into Stranger's House After Crashing Car

A Minnesota man was startled when he saw a stranger in his home in the middle of the night, but when he realized what was going on, he knew he had to help.

Andy Armstrong was asleep in his Alexandria, Minnesota, home when he woke up to find a man standing in the doorway of his bedroom. Startled, he yelled at the man to leave his house. Little did he know at the time, the man was in desperate need of help.

A man walked into Armstrong's home at around 3:30 a.m. and turned on his bedroom light, the Star Tribune notes. Armstrong shouted: "What are you doing here? You need to get out of my house immediately."

The man turned around and responded: "Oh, man, I'm sorry. I think I'm in the wrong house … I crashed my car."

Armstrong then noticed the man's face was banged up and had blood on his clothing.

"I don't know where I'm at," the man said.

Armstrong asked the stranger if he needed help, but the man said, "No."

The stranger then left his house wearing Armstrong's shoes, but left his own behind. 

After the man left, Armstrong locked his door and called the police. He had no idea how long the man may have been in his house or where he came from.

"He may have been there for an hour for all I know," Armstrong told the Star Tribune. "I just have no idea. There was blood on the kitchen counter and a little bit on the floor."

The man who entered Armstrong's home was 38-year-old James Sundby of Wadena. Minnesota, according to the Echo Press. Sundby reportedly drove his car off an embankment, launching his vehicle over about 210 feet of water, landing on the ice of Lake L'Homme Dieu.

Alexandria Police Chief Rick Wyffels says it's a "miracle" Sundby survived. 

Prior to entering Armstrong's house, Sundby had reportedly walked into another home. Jim Chan says Sundby went to his father's house, two houses from where the crash occurred, and knocked on the door.

"My dad said he was awoken from him [Sundby] pounding on the door saying, 'Let me in, I need to warm up,'" Chan said.

Chan says his father called police for assistance, but by the time they arrived, Sundby had left and gone to Armstrong's house.

Police say Sundby had no drugs or alcohol in his system during the crash, but that he doesn't remember anything from that night. After police found him on the night of the crash, Sundby was taken to a nearby hospital. He was later discharged.

Sources: Star TribuneEcho Press / Photo Credit: Echo Press

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