Man Mows 'A HOLE' On His Lawn In Neighbor Feud (Photos)

Man Mows 'A HOLE' On His Lawn In Neighbor Feud (Photos) Promo Image

A feud between two Washington neighbors has gone viral after one resident carved out the word "A HOLE" on his lawn, with an arrow pointing to his neighbor's property.

The image can be seen on Google Earth, the Daily Mail reported. It shows the strategic artwork of Brian Juel, a disgruntled neighbor of Cindy and Brian Zechenelly, who has apparently had enough.

The beef between the two neighbors reportedly started after the Zechenellys painted a building on their property purple in April 2009. A few years later, after a series of spats, Juel decided to let the couple -- and the entire world -- know how he felt about them.

Using a crafty lawn care technique, Juel carved the word "A HOLE" into a large field in his backyard. The creative lawn design also featured an arrow pointing at the Zechenellys' home.

Juel's masterpiece was created sometime between 2011 and 2013. A screenshot of the image appeared on Reddit in 2016, and has since gone viral. It is unclear if the message is still on the property.

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But Juel isn't the only resident in the neighborhood who has had an issue with the purple garage-apartment structure. At least two dozen other neighbors reportedly hated the color so much they created a petition against it.

The petition requested relief from their property taxes from Clallam County Assessor Pam Rushton. They claimed their homes lost value because of the tall purple building.

"I call it the purple people-eater," Juel's daughter, Brianna Juel, told The Peninsula Daily News in 2009.

But Cindy told the newspaper she chose the bright color after being inspired by the Painted Ladies, which are tricolor Victorian houses on Alamo Square in San Francisco. She said the color choice was also consistent with Sequim's claim to being the lavender-growing capital of North America.

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Still, Juel insisted the purple garage "has polluted our views, taking our eyes off the true natural beauty."

"This has become the focal point of the community," Juel said. "I know people have every right to build whatever they want. But it affects others."

Juel said he is planning to plant a weeping willow tree between his property and the garage.

"I need to somehow mask that house out of my view."

Reactions to the feud appeared one-sided among social media users.

"Although I wouldn't have painted it that color, if it's not against any code he's the a hole," wrote one commenter. "If he is that worried about what people should and should not do to their property, maybe he should move into a community that has a strict homeowners association; otherwise, suck it up buttercup."

"Get that stuck up neighbor even more mad," suggested another user. "Paint the entire house in purple."

Sources: Daily Mail, Peninsula Daily News / Photo credit: Pixabay, Google Maps via Daily Mail, Bing via Daily Mail

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