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Man Moves Rat's Tail With Thought Power, Computer Hookup (Video)

Harvard University researchers have built a non-invasive brain-to-brain interface (BBI) between a human and a rat.

By the power of thought and some high-tech equipment, the researchers claim that a human can control the movements of a rat's tail, notes (video below).

The researchers hope this will bring them closer to brain-to-brain interface between humans, which could be a breakthrough for parenting or a step towards electronic dictatorship.

In the video, the man wears an EEG-based brain-computer-interface (BCI), while the rat wears an ultrasound (FUS) computer-brain interface (CBI).

Neither the rat or the human had any type of surgery, or device placed inside their bodies. All the electronic equipment is non-invasive.

The human's "thought" signal goes from the EEG to the BCI, which sends a command to the rat’s CBI, which causes an ultrasound signal to be beamed by the FUS into the area of the rat’s brain that controls its tail movement.

The researchers claim that the BCI has an accuracy of 94 percent and takes 1.5 seconds for the command to get from the human to the computer to the rat.

No word on whether or not the rat could control the human.



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