Man Mourns Loss of His Pit Bull, Who Was Shot and Killed By Police


A man in Wise County, Virginia, is mourning the loss of his beloved pit bill, who was reportedly shot and killed by a Wise County Sheriff’s Office deputy.

Paul Carico says the incident started when he was at home with his dog De’Ja and heard her begin barking. The man went to his front door to see what was causing the commotion and was confronted by several police officers who were standing at his front door with the intention of serving a warrant, reports News 5 WCYB. Carico says he told police they were mistaken and had the wrong man. 

But one officer, he says, charged toward his front door anyway, which triggered De’Ja's instinct to protect his home and owner.

“He came with a threatening approach up my steps, and the dog was not going to stand for that, she got by me,” Carico said.

News 5 WCYB reporters say they viewed dash cam footage of the incident and that it showed the dog charging toward the officer and Carico begging the cop not to shoot.

“I’m crawling trying to get my dog. Before I could get out of the grass, he’d already fired and shot her,” Carico said. “When they shot her, I couldn’t bear the thought of her just laying there in the dirt. I picked her up and carried her over, and I put her on a four-wheeler trailer.”

The pit bull’s loyal owner says she never bit anyone and didn’t deserve to die. He buried her a few feet away from where she was shot.

But Virginia State Police say the officer was only protecting himself and shot De’Ja in self-defense. According to their reports, the deputies issued several verbal commands for Carico to call off his dog, but the pit bull continued to charge them.

Source: News 5 WCYB

Photo Credit: Tony Alter/Flickr, Wikimedia Commons


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