Man on 'Most Wanted' List For Firing Gun Into Ground


Christopher Viatafa recently found out he was on a police "most wanted" list after Googling his name for fun.

According to NPR, Viatafa saw his name and face displayed on NorthernCalifornia

Viatafa was one of the 25 most wanted criminals in the Bay Area, but didn't know it.

He turned himself in to the police, but the charges are equally bizarre.

in August 2013, Viatafa allegedly fired his handgun into the ground during an argument with some fellow partygoers.

He did not shoot anyone, but court papers claim he shot at the ground near their feet.

Viatafa allegedly fired his gun again while being kicked out of the party, but no one was shot.

He has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon.

"Although it wasn't good judgment that landed him on the website, he did used good judgment to turn himself in after seeing his photo," San Leandro, Calif., Police said in a statement, reports ABC News.

"The website played an important part in his apprehension," added police. "It has been a valuable tool for both law enforcement and the public in finding criminals."

Sources: NorthernCalifornia, ABC News, NPR


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