Man Missing At Sea For More Than A Week Found Safe

A Vermont man who was lost at sea for eight days after an offshore fishing trip has been found and reported safe, while his mother, who was with him on the trip, is still missing.

Nathan Carman, 22, left for a fishing trip with his mother Linda Carman, 54, out of Port Judith, Rhode Island, on Sept. 17.

Nathan told authorities the boat the pair were on began to take on water, which led to an eight-day search involving search crews from Cape Cod, New York, Maine and North Carolina, according to Fox News. On Sept. 25, a freighter spotted Nathan, adrift on a life raft 100 miles south of Martha's Vineyard and rescued him. Linda has yet to be found.

"Her whereabouts are still under investigation," Coast Guard Petty Officer 3rd Class Nicole Groll said of the man's mother, according to the Hartford Courant. Groll added that she didn't know what Nathan had told officials about where his mother may be, or whether she is thought to be safe. "She was not in the raft," she said, adding that the situation was still being investigated.

Linda and Nathan frequently go on fishing trips, says family friend Sharon Hartstein. She said the two go on trips "at least monthly," noting, "They like to fish."

Monte Montegrio, a friend of Linda's, said Linda and Nathan are experienced fishers, having traveled all the way to Alaska for fishing trips, according to WKBN.

The boat that the two had left on for the Sept. 17 fishing trip was a 32-foot aluminum boat called the Chicken Pox. On Sept. 23, after days of searching by sea and air, the Coast Guard had said it was suspending the search. The search had spanned an 11,000-square-mile section of ocean that the Coast Guard described as "roughly twice the size of Connecticut."

Nathan, who grew up in Middletown, Connecticut, but had moved to Vermont, has Asperger's syndrome and had been the subject of a multi-state search before. He disappeared in 2011, when he was 17, after the death of a favorite horse. He was found safe a few days later in Virginia.

Sources: Fox News, Hartford Courant, WKBN / Photo credit: WKBN via Hartford Courant

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