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Man Meets Deer With An Unusual Accessory On Its Antler (Video)

A deer near the Pacific Northwest’s Snake River may be casting aside its healthy diet for more sugary snacks (video below).

A Facebook video surfaced of a man attempting to move along the Snake River when he encountered a mule deer wading into the water with an unlikely accessory on its antler.

“I got a mule deer coming down to say hello to me and he looks like he has a donut on his head,” the man in the video says.

The deer is seen drinking from the river, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he has a donut around one of his antlers.

“This is weird,” the man says. “That has to be a powdered donut on his head.”

The man then calls out to his companion Bill to come and look at the deer.

“This deer won’t let me out of the water,” he yells to Bill.

“He’s got a donut on his horn,” the man continues. “I s--t you not. It’s a powdered donut.”

The deer continues to enjoy the river, drinking and walking in the water, as the man approaches him at the shore.

“Hi. Yes. Easy,” he says when the deer gets close.

“This is weird,” the man adds.

He then decides to help the deer by removing the donut from his antler.

“Oh my God, he does have a powdered donut on his…here, let me get it off you,” he tells the deer as he reaches his hand towards the antler.

It takes some petting, but the deer eventually allows the man to get the donut.

“Want this powdered donut?” he asks the deer, placing it next to the animal’s mouth.

Deer follow a herbivore diet consisting of plants, fruits, acorns and nuts, as well as grass and evergreen plants depending on the season, according to What Do Deer Eat. They commonly venture onto people’s land to eat wildflowers in fields, or cultivated vegetables such as beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, soybeans, wheat and rye.

It’s no wonder then that the deer the man encountered decided against eating the sugar-filled donut.

“I just did you a solid, homey,” the man says to the deer.

After a few more seconds of hanging out with the man, the deer eventually walks away.

The man’s final words to the deer are to go find film director Werner Herzog, who is well-known for using and/or documenting animals in his movies.

Since the video was uploaded to YouTube in 2014, it has received more than 1.8 million views.


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