Homeless Man Who Was Reading The Same Book Over And Over Again Receives Kindle From Kind Stranger

A Las Vegas homeless man will have some healthy entertainment for years thanks to the good deed of a visiting businessman.

The man, who is known only as reddit user mjuad, was in Vegas recently when he spotted a homeless man named Paul several times. Each time the man saw Paul, he was reading a book. Eventually, the man struck up a conversation with Paul about reading.

"I just asked him if he liked to read," the businessman told the Huffington Post. "He said he loved to but that he had been reading that one book over and over for a while now."

As soon as our Good Samaritan heard this, he knew he needed to help Paul. He reached into his bag and handed Paul his Kindle e-reader. He told Paul it now belonged to him, and then spent some time teaching him how to use it. Over the next few days, the man says, Paul was never seen without the Kindle in his hand.

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"It brought me a lot of joy to see someone getting so much from something that I gave them," the man says. "It feels so good to see someone get so much for something I took for granted."

The Kindle is already stocked with 300 books. Should Paul read all 300 books, though, the man says he will buy him more. All Paul needs to do is send the Kindle over to him, and he’ll reload it with new titles and send it back.

"If I can keep someone from going hungry for a day or brighten their day/life up in any way, I always try to do my best," he said. "I'm also hoping that by sharing this, I will encourage others to do something kind as well."

Sources: Reddit, Huffington Post

Photo Credit: mjuad, Imgur, Robert Ventre/Flickr


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