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Man Manages To Pass DUI Checkpoint With This Sign Without Ever Rolling Down His Window (Photo)

A Florida man may have figured out a new approach to getting through DUI checkpoints without confrontation.

Jeff Gray, who runs a popular Youtube channel, posted a video documenting his attempt to drive through a checkpoint with his license, registration and a Fair DUI message that he sealed in a freezer bag and attached to a string that runs through the window.

“I remain silent. No searches. I want my lawyer,” the message reads.

The bag, according to Gray, is meant to protect drivers from anyone falsely claiming that their car smells of alcohol or that their speech is slurred when they roll down their windows.

The video shows Gray driving through the checkpoint with the bag hanging from his closed driver’s side window. As he slows down, officers begin to glance at the bag. When he comes to a stop, an officer reads the information and then waves Gray along.

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Response to the video from Reddit users was mixed. Some defended the effectiveness of DUI checkpoints and said Gray’s approach could potentially put others in danger by increasing the number of drunk drivers on the road. “I wouldn’t mind getting breathalyzed if it meant that a potential fatal crash stops from happening,” one user said.

Others, however, praised Gray for exercising his basic rights. “Those who are willing to give up freedoms for a little bit of temporary safety deserve neither freedom nor safety," a commentor wrote. 

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