Murder Suspect Wears Questionable Shirt To Court Hearing (Photo)

 An alleged murderer wore a very peculiar shirt to a court hearing yesterday. Instead of wearing a dress shirt, or even just a plain t-shirt, Jeremiah Jakson wore a shirt saying “Crime Pays.”

“That’s an interesting choice of shirt you wore to court,” Judge Teresa Carr Deni said upon seeing the shirt. Jakson, 22, said he had no clothes in jail and was given the shirt by an inmate. Regardless of Jakson’s rationale, Judge Carr Deni deemed the shirt “unacceptable.”

As noted by BoingBoing, this was probably the shirt:

Image placeholder title

The rest of the court hearing didn’t bode well for Jakson, either. After prosecutors presented evidence, he was ordered held for trial for murder, robbery and abuse of a corpse.

Jakson said in a pre-recorded statement that a female accomplice killed the victim, Laura Araujo, and that he only helped burn her car and hide her corpse. Prosecutors say there is no evidence suggesting Jakson’s claim is true, and plenty of evidence suggesting he was alone throughout the murder.

Jakson burned Araujo’s vehicle after her death. Police were led to him as a suspect when he checked into a hospital to receive treatment for gasoline burns.

Sources: Philly.com, BoingBoing


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