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Man Makes Unexpected Discovery That 'Pregnant' Girlfriend's Baby Isn't Theirs

A Bronx, New York, woman slit the throat of an expectant mother, ripped the baby from the womb, and claimed she’d just given birth.

Police were called to the scene after 22-year-old Ashleigh Wade’s boyfriend walked in on his girlfriend after she carried out the violent attack, reported the New York Post. Wade had reportedly been telling people in her neighborhood that she was pregnant, which she later admitted to authorities was a lie.

According to the New York Post, Wade slashed the neck of 22-year-old Angelikque Sutton — a childhood friend and nine months pregnant at the time — before carving the newborn out of her stomach. 

“The placenta was on the floor, and the perp had cut the cord herself,” an unnamed source told the New York Post. Wade’s boyfriend called authorities, who took the young woman into custody at the scene. 

“It looks like the baby was surgically removed,” said local councilman Andy King, who had been briefed by police, according to the New York Times. “This is unforeseeable. With the holidays approaching, what a bloody way to start the season.”

The newborn was rushed to a nearby hospital, and is reportedly in good health. The child was born only one week premature, with the due date being Dec. 2, reported the New York Post.

Sources: New York PostNew York Times / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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