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Man Makes Surprising Find Underneath Back Yard (Photo)

An Arizona man found a secret bomb shelter buried underneath his back yard.

Reddit user Captantartica recently moved into a new home in Tucson, Arizona. He was told by the former owner that there was something worth investigating buried in the back yard, Mad World News reported.

The man did some research at the city records building. He learned that there had been plans to build a bomb shelter in his back yard during the 1960s.

The new homeowner started searching his back yard with a metal detector. He was able to locate two areas where the entrance might have been and started digging.

Moments later, he found a hatch. He opened the lid and found a spiral staircase leading to a dome-like structure.

The man said the entryway was very rusty and full of dirt, but still in good condition. He did some cleaning and other renovations to bring the 55-year-old bomb shelter up to date.

The renovations took about six months. The man repaired the entrance, poured new concrete and removed the worn-down staircase and the fiberglass interior. He said he will continue to renovate the shelter.


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