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Man Leaves Big Surprise In Will

When Aaron Collins died suddenly at 30-years-old, he left behind a will with surprising requests.

Seth, his brother, found the document on Aaron’s computer, according to Little Things.

Aaron asked that his family take whatever money was left in his bank account and use it to pay back his father and mother if they were still alive, and give some to a homeless person.

But his main request was that a $500 tip be given to a random pizza server.

“My life was a party and my death should be, too,” Aaron wrote.

When Seth handed over the $500 tip a few days after his brother’s death and uploaded the video he filmed while doing it to Youtube, it went viral. People began donating money so the tips could continue.

More than $50,000 has been donated to the Aaron’s Last Wish website, which Seth set up to take the movement across the country, WANE reports.

“It was Aaron’s idea and Seth has made it happen, so well you can imagine how wonderful that is for me,” Tina Collins, Aaron’s mother, said.

Some have even donated the entire tip amount of $500 to bring Aaron’s Last Wish to their town.

“He wanted to make it happen in his town,” Seth said of a donor in Fort Wayne, Indiana. "To touch someone there and to share it with his family because he does have four small children and I think for him it was powerful message that he could share with his children."

Sarah Conrad, one of the waitresses who benefited from the unexpected tip, said she would use it to pay off bills and buy a gift for her grandmother.

Tina explained that it helped her get over the grief of Aaron’s death.

“I never had any idea what it would become,” Seth added. “Neither would Aaron have. He would have been completely blown away. He would have thought this is just a small thing he wanted to do for a person. For one person and he wouldn’t have expected it to have this long-reaching impact."

Sources: Little Things, WANE, Aaron's Last Wish / Photo credit: Linda Martin via WANE

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