Man Pretends To Be Homeless, Rewards People For Being Kind (Video)


A man decided to dress up as a homeless person and give back to those that tried to give to him.

Yogi, a Youtube user, dressed up as a homeless person and held up a sign asking drivers, “Are you kind?” As motorists stopped their cars to give the man money, he declined and instead gave them each five dollars as a reward for being kind.

“I want to thank you for being a thoughtful person,” Yogi says to a driver in the video. “You didn't have to roll your window down, you didn't have to give me money, but you chose to do so.”

Many of the drivers were confused at first, but after realizing what he was doing, all were touched by his act of kindness.

“I always give to the homeless,” one woman says.

“That's very good,” Yogi responds. “My purpose here is to give back to people that give back, cause nobody ever gets that chance. There's [sic] thousands of people that give back - nobody ever gets appreciative of that.”

Yogi was noticeably impressed by how many good, kind people he came across.

Check out the Yogi’s now viral video below.

Sources: Daily Mail, UPTV, Huffington Post


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