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Man Returns Necklace Made By Late Daughter To Family

A New York man made a miraculous discovery when he came across a necklace lying on 34th Street.

This wasn’t just any necklace, but a piece of jewelry made by Alice Pyne, an English teenager who had died from cancer, according to WNBC.

Before her death in January 2013, Alice made the necklace for her mother, Vicky. It had Alice’s fingerprint and that of her sister. Vicky always wore the necklace, but during a trip to New York she lost it.

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“I was absolutely horrified when I realized it was missing,” Vicky told NBC.

Vicky tried to retrace her steps.

“I think my only worry was if a snowplow had plowed it up and dumped it in the Hudson or something,” she added.

Vicky posted about the necklace on social media and the story was covered by WNBC. That report prompted Freddy and Emilie Ortiz to reach out to Vicky about a discovery they had made.

The couple’s young daughter dropped her sock on the ground and Freddy bent down to pick it up. While doing so, he noticed a necklace lying on the street.

“I was going to leave it hanging somewhere, but something told me to just take it with me, and somebody will probably claim it one day,” Freddy said.

Emilie then sent an email to Vicky, more than 3,000 miles away.

“I have some amazing news for you,” Emilie wrote.

Vicky now hopes to meet the Ortiz family next time she travels to New York from the U.K.

“To see the photo of my necklace, I was just like, ‘Oh, wow!’” Vicky added. 

“I’d like to think somebody was looking out for us and they knew how important that necklace was between Alice and I. It means the world,” Vicky said.

Alice came to public attention because of her determination not to let terminal cancer stop her enjoying life. The Mirror reported she maintained a blog where she checked off items on a bucket list and used the slogan “One life, live it!”

Sources: WNBC, Mirror / Photo credit: Vicky Pyne/Facebook via ITV

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