Man Makes Disturbing Find On New iPhone


When Apple rolled out the feature list for its newest iPhone, creepy photos of dead women weren't on it.

But that's what a Mexican man said was on his iPhone when he purchased it brand new from an Apple retailer.

As of May 26, more than three million people have already watched a YouTube video posted by a user from Mexico, who displays the iPhone while speaking in Spanish about how the photo was already there in the phone's camera roll when it was unboxed for the first time, according to the Express. The video was uploaded to Julian Cavalero's YouTube channel on May 11.

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The photograph shows what appears to be a sleeping or dead woman, with heavy, discolored bruising on her face and especially around her eyes. In an indictment of modern education systems -- and proving the concept of Occam's Razor has yet to take hold with the general public -- viewers suggested the photograph shows a ghost, some other paranormal apparition transferred to the phone by supernatural means, an extraterrestrial, or a scene from an alien abduction.

The most likely explanation -- given the creepy accompanying synth music in the video, and Cavalero's habit of posting supernatural phenomena to his social media pages -- is that the photograph and the story are a not-so-elaborate hoax.

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Cavalero said staff at the Apple store were reluctant to help the buyer when he brought the phone back. A story in the Daily Mail takes the claim a step further, saying staff at the store did try to help the man, but when they wiped and reset the phone, the creepy photo remained.

According to Cavalero, the photograph is a thumbnail that can be viewed in the camera roll, but not expanded to full view. That suggests someone may have tried to delete the photo earlier, the Mail said.

While users on YouTube and social media ran wild with speculation, there is reportedly no indication authorities have taken the photograph seriously or are looking into its origins.

Source: Daily Mail, Express, Julian Cavalero/YouTube / Photo credit: Julian Cavalero via Daily Mail

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