Man Makes Death Threats Against Lesbian Sister, Scared She Will Turn His Daughter Gay


A Plainville, Conn., man disrupted his family’s Christmas by making threats to “destroy” his lesbian sister out of fear that she would turn his own daughter gay.

Gordon Bissonnette, 46, was turned in by his brother Brian, who played the eight threatening voicemails Gordon had left for their mother, Clelie, for police. The messages detail what would happen if their sister Corinne showed up with her wife for Christmas with the family.

“If she [expletive] with my child again, I will execute her myself,” Gordon said in a voicemail, according to the police report. “Corinne, if she goes against me, there will be bullets flying. She cannot talk to me. I wanna execute her. I will kill a gay.” 

“I’ll put a bullet in both their heads,” he raved. “If they turn my daughter gay, I’m gonna kill them both. I’m gonna blow their brains out.”

He also said that he was “at war” with Corinne’s wife’s family.

The man told police he had left the voicemails but was too drunk at the time to remember exactly what he said. But he did admit that he planned to throw a smoke bomb at his sister’s house so she and her wife would think it was gunfire and “freak out,” thereby ruining their Christmas.

Bissonette has been held at $75,000 bond on charges of second-degree intimidation due to a bias, second-degree threatening and second-degree harassment. He was also issued protective orders prohibiting him from contacting his mother, brother, sister or his sister’s wife.

Police Captain Brian Mullins said Bissonnette expressed that he was “fearful of the influence members of his family, both gay and straight, are having on his daughter,” who is 18. He said Bissonnette does not own a firearm.

Bissonnette will appear in court on Jan. 24.

Sources: New Britain Herald, Hartford Courant


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