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Man Lynched in Eastern India After Attempted Rape

Locals in a district in eastern India lynched a 50-year-old man last week after he and an accomplice attempted to rape a woman, officials said.

Radha Mohan Munda had allegedly raped a different 55-year-old woman in the Jharkhand area the week before and was trying to attack her daughter when locals stopped him, according to

Munda and his accomplice reportedly attempted to bring the 35-year-old woman to an unpopulated location to rape her, but villagers saved her and then held a meeting to decide how to punish the alleged criminals.

Munda showed up to the local meeting with a fake gun and began threatening the woman he attempted to rape. This sparked rage at the meeting, and he was soon swarmed by the crowd, which then promptly lynched him.

Munda’s accomplice reportedly escaped.



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