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Man Loses Marijuana, Asks Cop For Help (Video)

Dennis Wagner was caught on Police Officer Seth Busche's body camera asking the cop to help find his marijuana April 27 in Alliance, Ohio (video below).

"I’m not going to lie, I'm not, I lost a little bit of marijuana," Wagner, who was shirtless and possibly intoxicated, told Busche, notes

Busche asked Wagner where he lost the marijuana, and Wagner said, "Somewhere around here, I don't know."

Busche looked around the corner for the pot, and found the marijuana in a matter of seconds. Wagner asked the officer to throw it on the ground, but Busche refused.

Instead, Busch charged Wagner with misdemeanor drug abuse.

Wagner pleaded innocent to the charge.

Police Capt. James Hilles said that Busche originally found Wagner stumbling along the road, and brought him home for safety's sake.

Wagner was upset that the police department put the video on their Facebook page.

"Why does everybody have to post smart a-- comments about me when they don’t know me," Wagner commented.

"We’re not trying to pick on him or anything like that," Hilles told "It was supposed to be light-hearted."

But some people on Facebook were upset by the video and wrote comments such as:

Sorry but noone perfect he is my cousin and he has a addiction which is a illness. People can be so cruel and if you never know what people been threw or walked in one shoe don't judge. What we should be doing is praying for help for people. Not laughing and thinking everything is a joke. A addiction is a illness and so many people have lost they lives to one. Wake up people and stop judging and start praying and helping people it not funny it a life a human being here that needs help. I love you Dennis.

This man is a citizen. This should not be posted on social media page. I'm embarrassed for this police department. Shameful. To serve and protect!! Not to shame, embarrassing and cyber bully!

Sources:, Facebook / Photo credit: City of Alliance Police Department/PoliceActivity via YouTube

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