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Man Loses Leg After His Friends Set Him On Fire

Craig Finn had just moved into a new apartment in Spennymoor, England, in February 2014 when he invited some friends over for a few drinks. The night took a dark turn when his friend, James Gillibrand, 24, set him on fire as a "joke" after he passed out on his bathroom floor, NY Daily News reported.

Finn, now 25, was left with third-degree burns and was in a coma for a month. When he woke up, he learned he lost half of his leg and that he had almost died twice when his lungs filled with fluid. 

Gillibrand has pleaded guilty to causing great bodily harm without intent and committing arson, but he has denied other charges, Metro reported.

“Given the gravity of the injuries there can be no argument against a sentence that would relieve you of your liberty,” Judge Simon Hickey told Gillibrand. “I can see no reason in granting you the bail whatsoever. You may as well start serving that sentence now, every day in custody counts.”

Gillibrand will be sentenced on Oct. 8, but Finn’s pain hasn’t ended with his former friend’s imprisonment. “I have to wake up every day, get out of bed and see that I have no leg and put on a fake one,” he told the Mirror.

Finn doesn’t know why his friends set him on fire, but he is determined to persevere. "I'm still young and I can't let it get the better of me," Finn said. "This has changed my life forever."

Finn has stated that he doesn’t want to reconcile with Gillibrand.

Sources: Metro, NY Daily News / Photo credit: Via Metro


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