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Man Loses Garage Attached To His Home In Auction

 Aaron Dehetre was 21 when he bought a three-bedroom, two-bath house in Westland, Michigan, back in 2008. In October, he got an alarming phone call from a nearby resident.

"My neighbor called me and said there was a foreclosure notice on my door," Dehetre told Fox 2 Detroit. "I had a foreclosure notice on the garage door. I started calling my bank, the city, the county."

Though Dehetre had never missed a payment, unbeknownst to him, he didn’t actually own the garage or part of the breezeway. Previous owners reportedly decided to divide the property, and Dehetre didn’t ask engineers to survey the property lines when he bought the home.

"Sometimes an attached garage will sit on two parcels of land, and that is where you get down to the statement: buyer beware," Wayne County treasurer David Szymanski said. "Do your due diligence. Trust but verify.

"When you purchase something, know what you are purchasing. In this situation, he didn't get a staked survey done to tell him exactly what he is getting."

“I didn't request a staked survey, but at 21 I didn't know to ask for a staked survey,” Dehetre said.

Though the garage sold at auction for $1,500, the Wayne County Treasurer's office said they’re looking into the matter.

The title company allegedly told Dehetre they were only responsible for the lot under the house.

According to Zillow, Dehetre bought the house in October 2008 and it has an attached garage.

Sources: Zillow, Fox 2 Detroit / Photo credit: Fox 2 Detroit

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