Watch This Man Fall Off Treadmill While Checking Out Woman At Gym (Video)


People join gyms to keep in shape or lose extra weight, but sometimes it’s hard to stay focused when an attractive person passes by.

While running on a treadmill, this guy did a double take when a woman walked by, causing him to slip off the treadmill and fall on the floor.

As BSO notes, “[T]he recovery was one of the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life.” She turns around after hearing a loud thud, and the man quickly recovers.

“It’ll take time to learn, but it’s a priceless skill,” USA Today writes.

The 7-second video was uploaded to a parody Vine account, Steve Stifler, the womanizing antagonist of the original “American Pie” series. The Vine video has racked up nearly 4 million loops.

Roman Atwood, a YouTube user who is known for pulling pranks, also posted the clip to his popular channel. It has gone viral, garnering more than 700,000 views since it was published on Dec. 12.

Check out the incident below:

Sources: BlackSportsOnlineUSA Today


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