UPS Driver Accidentally Traps Man In His Apartment (Photo)

UPS Driver Accidentally Traps Man In His Apartment (Photo) Promo Image

A California man said he was trapped in his fifth-floor apartment after a UPS driver placed a package in a way that prevented the front door handle from turning. 

Jessie Lawrence, who lives in the Bay Area, said on Twitter that he "had to call maintenance" to get out of his apartment Sept. 3 after a deliveryman placed a tall, rectangular package under his door handle, reports HuffPost.

"Sure, it's inconvenient for us to call someone to get us out but if it were an emergency, we would have been screwed. We're 5 floors up," he tweeted.

After maintenance let him out of his apartment, he took a picture of where the package was supposedly placed. 

The tweet quickly went viral, and received over 140,000 likes and 57,000 retweets in two days. Many people used the situation to bring out their best delivery-themed puns. The image was widely shared on Twitter and Instagram.

"Looks like you got boxed in," one person wrote in response.

"Glad you handled the situation," another wrote.   

UPS apologized for the mistake and reached out to Lawrence over Twitter, reports New York Daily News.

"I’m sorry ... I’ll be glad to assist you," wrote a representative for the UPS customer service support page. "Please click the link below to DM us the details of your concern."

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But, UPS's response confused many Twitter users, who said Lawrence's concern was already clearly detailed in his original tweet.

“Details of your concern lmfao," one person wrote. "How much more info do you need."

But, not everyone seems convinced of Lawrence's story. A number of Twitter users claim that the picture is fabricated and that Lawrence could have gotten out.

"The way the door jamb looks in this photo, the door opens inward and away from the delivered box and foreground in the photo," wrote one user.

Another responded, defending Lawrence: "But the door can not go inwards until after the knob is pushed down, which the box made impossible."

Other nay-sayers claim Lawrence could have pushed the handle up to let himself out.

According to the New York Daily News, Lawrence himself refuted that claim, writing: "I wouldn’t bother posting this if I was able to get out by pulling the handle up." 

Despite the few negative responses, Lawrence seems to be enjoying his new-found viral attention.

"Nothing slays on social media like a box in front of a door," he tweeted the following day.

Sources: HuffPost, New York Daily News / Featured Image: Atomic Taco/Flickr / Embedded Images: Jessie Lawrence/Twitter, Cindy DeStefano/Twitter

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