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Man Lights Self, Car on Fire While Trying to Burn Girlfriend's Car (Video)

An unidentified man in Louisville, Ky., set himself on fire while allegedly committing arson on Sunday night (video below).

The man reportedly threw a burning Molotov cocktail into his girlfriend’s car (PT Cruiser, pictured), but while burning her car, he accidentally lit himself on fire.

Arson investigators said he jumped inside of his car and lit the interior on fire. He then panicked and and stepped on his car's accelerator. The suspect's car crashed into several cars, then drove on top of the curb and hit a house, which also caught on fire.

“I heard this big loud boom,” said neighbor Anna Lavender to WDRB-TV. “I looked out and seen a young lady’s car was on fire.”

“I saw him get out and grab a big giant boulder down the street, and he goes around the block again and I hear a big crash of glass,” said an unidentified neighbor. "The suspect had used a large rock to break the window of his girlfriend’s car. He pulls right up next to the PT Cruiser and lights a Molotov cocktail which causes a huge flame, and throws it inside the PT Cruiser.”

The house was damaged but mostly intact. The suspect was taken into custody and hospitalized but escaped from the hospital.

Source: WDRB-TV


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