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Man Left In Pool Of His Own Blood After Pit Bull Attack (Video)

Horrific footage has emerged of a man being attacked by two pit bulls as brave bystanders attempt to pull him away (video below).

A resident of a New York apartment complex filmed from her window as a middle-aged man was attacked by pit bulls and left in a pool of his own blood. 

The woman filming can also be heard speaking to emergency services on the phone.

The victim can be seen lying on the ground in the middle of the street while the pit bulls circle him, bite him, and drag him around.

A bystander does his best to get between the dogs and the victim in an attempt to stop them, but they continue. 

A group of bystanders gathers and somebody can be heard screaming "get the water" before a civilian sprays the dogs with a water hose.

The attack ends with the victim lying in a pool of his own blood with the dogs pulled away from him. Before the footage ends, the pit bulls begin to attack others in the street.

Sources: Daily MailYouTube / Photo credit: Daily Mail


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