Woman Stumbled Upon Over $1,000 In Envelope, Does Something Remarkable


Paul Reikhof’s Christmas may very well have been ruined if it wasn’t for Holli Williams.

74-year-old Reikhof, of Prarie Village, Kansas, was out with his wife and had just acquired an envelope with $1,590 in cash inside. The money was for a car that Reikhof was selling for a relative, and he planned to deposit it and then send a personal check to the family member.

The couple was just leaving for the local movie theater when Reikhof realized that he no longer had the envelope with him.

“I was getting into the car, and I said, ‘Julie, what did you do with the envelope?’” the man said.

Reikhof soon realized that he’d put the envelope on the roof of his car. “In a senior moment or whatever, I laid the envelope of cash on top of the car, to come back in and get something, and went back out forgetting that it was there, and we took off for the movie theatre.”

As the couple was driving towards the theater, the money blew off the roof and onto the street. Reikhof said his wife knew exactly what had happened. “She kept telling me, ‘I’ll bet you put it on top of the car. I gave it to you. I’ll bet you put it on top of the car.’ I should have believed her,” he said.

After realizing what had happened, Mr. and Mrs. Reikhof called the police and reported the missing cash, but were soon convinced that the money was gone and gave up on ever getting it back. “I thought there wasn't a snowball's chance in hell somebody picking up $1,600 and turning it in,” Reikhof said.

As it turns out, Holli Williams called the same police station not long after Reikhof to report that she had found a missing envelope of cash. The envelope had Reikhof’s name and address written on it, and the two were able to meet up earlier this week.

“I was greatly relieved. Oh my gosh. What a miracle of Christmas that someone would first of all, stop on a busy street,” Reikhof said. “I learned two things here. First, never put anything on top of the car that you don’t want to lose. Number two, always believe your wife. They’re usually right.”

Reikhof praised Williams for her honesty, but the woman said she did it simply because she didn’t want to ruin someone’s Christmas.

Sources: FOX4 KC, Erie TV News / Photo Credit: fox4kc.com, Wikimedia Commons


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