Photo Of Leashed Woman At Mall Goes Viral (Photos)

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Some shoppers in a Staten Island mall received quite the surprise on Saturday when they saw a pink haired woman in a spiked collar being led around by a man with a leash.

The woman was reportedly on all fours and acting like a dog.

Many witnesses took to social media to report their discovery.

“Welcome to the Staten Island Mall!” one Instagram user commented.

In one photo taken of the couple, the woman seems to be sitting up as if to beg the man with the leash.

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According to the workers at the mall, the two people were regulars there.

“They’re here all the time,” one Zumiez employee told The New York Daily News. “They’re normal people.”

“This is the only time I’ve seen the girl with a leash on like that,” Hot Topic clerk Kelsey added. “She shops here about once a month. She’s a nice customer.”

The couple was also photographed while talking to a mall security guard.

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According to reports, a person from the mall’s management asked the couple to leave and they did so.

A video has also surfaced of the leashed woman dunking her head in a fountain.

The mall in question declined to comment on the incident, Staten Island Live reports.

Source: The Daily News, SILive

Photo Credit: Ariel Chambers, Victorkingnyc/Instagram via The Daily News



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