Man Leads Police on Chase After Running Around Naked, Pooping on Car

Authorities responded to an odd scene early Tuesday morning, after they received calls about a man who was stumbling around a neighborhood with no clothes on.

Police in El Cajon, Calif. said it all started around 1:45 a.m. at an apartment complex on South Pierce Street.

When they came to the scene, they saw the man naked standing on top of a Toyota Camry, apparently defecating on the roof of the car.

Once he spotted them, he ran off and jumped over a fence that separated South Pierce Street from the lanes of Interstate 8.

They chased him down the highway and San Diego County sheriff’s deputies shut down lanes on the westbound I-8.

A helicopter was called to the scene and provided assistance.

Eventually, he was arrested at a trolley station on the opposite side of the highway.

Police said the man also caused an accident on I-8, but no injuries were reported.

Authorities are working on finding out if he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time, or suffering from mental issues.

It is not clear what charges he is facing.



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