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Man Kills Nephews After Microwave Argument (Photos)

Man Kills Nephews After Microwave Argument (Photos) Promo Image

A South Carolina man has been arrested after he allegedly stabbed his two nephews to death after an argument over a microwave.

Raashid Jaamal White, 26, had a history of mental illness, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. White has been charged with two counts of murder, along with one count of possessing a knife while committing a violent crime.

White is accused of stabbing 8-year-old Avery Martin and 2-year-old Aiyden Martin to death.

"It's always hard when there's a child involved," said chaplain Rich Robinson. "I think whether you're a parent or not, it grabs us all in a very particular way."

The children's mother, Tiara Martin, told a dispatcher in a 911 call that White was "physically attacking" her after a "minor disagreement over the microwave," according to WCIV.

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"There are two children in the house," said the mother. "There's an individual in the house who has mental issues ... my children are screaming."

Martin continued: "I said to him repeatedly ... 'This is your sister. I'm just trying to restrain you. You're physically attacking me in front of your nephews. I need you to understand what you're doing right now.'"

She said that White had overpowered her to make his way into the home and locked her outside. After spending several minutes on the phone with the 911 dispatcher, Martin knocked on the door in hopes of a response from her children, but did not hear anything.

"The children are silent," she said. "I don't hear anything. I'm getting ready to panic, sir."

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When police arrived, they found the children with multiple stab wounds. One of the boys died at the home, while the other died after being taken to a hospital.

White had jumped from a second-story window and fled the scene. After a five-hour manhunt, four police officers restrained White.

A woman had called 911 to say that she thought she had seen the suspect.

"The guy that killed his family, I think I see him," the witness said in the call. "He's wearing all black, he's heading toward the road. He's running! He's running! I'm behind him, he can't see me. I just don't want to lose him. I have my dog with me."

In 2015, White allegedly attacked his father with a baseball bat while he slept. A family member reportedly heard what was going on and stopped the attack.

White was charged with attempted murder, but charges were dropped after White's father begged prosecutors not to pursue the case.

Sources: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, WCIV / Featured Image: Ewen Roberts/Flickr / Embedded Images: Al Cannon Detention Center via WCIV, Janice W Lowery/Facebook

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