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Police: Man Did Something Unspeakable After Murder

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A Florida man was arrested on April 9 for the murder of a 52-year-old woman, but what he allegedly did after he killed her was unspeakably shocking.

Timothy Johnson reportedly killed Maine-based mother and grandmother Judith Therianos while the two were having sex and then stole her credit card to have a meal of waffles. When he returned, Johnson had sex with her dead body, WFTS reported.

Police said they believe Therianos, who was visiting Florida from her home in Maine at the time, might have wanted Johnson to stop having intercourse with her -- prompting him to kill her. She died of blunt force trauma, WCSH reported.

“This is a pretty sick individual that would perform these acts on a deceased person,” Sheriff Chris Nocco said. 

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Therianos had previously been seen with a man her friends referred to as Charlie, a 70-year-old man who had been spotted with her shortly before she disappeared, according to Tampa Bay Times. The date of her disappearance is unclear, as many people reported seeing her on various occasions leading up to the discovery of her body in a wooded area near New Port Richey, Florida.

“She was a fun-loving and adventurous person,” Therianos’ friend, Glenda Cook, told the Tampa Bay Times. “She's unforgettable. Once you met her, she truly touched your heart." 

Cook said Therianos was known to trust “people she shouldn’t.”

Therianos was reported missing on March 14, and her body was found April 7. Police said they believe she met Johnson at a liquor store, and the two eventually ended up in the wooded area where her body was found. 

Therianos was believed to have been last seen picking up clothes from the home of a sick friend she’d gone to Florida to visit. At the time, she’d been spotted with Charlie in a “newer SUV.” She had a black eye at the time, and when asked about it she insisted that she fell, reports Tampa Bay Times. 

Authorities said Therianos’ body was posed when it was discovered, with her breasts and genitals exposed, WFTS reported. 

No connection has reportedly been made between Charlie and Johnson.

Sources: Tampa Bay Times, WFTS, WCSH / Photo credit: Glenda Cook/Facebook via Daily Mail

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