Man Kills Girlfriend, Writes Chilling Facebook Post


An Ohio man killed his girlfriend and then shot two other people before killing himself Aug. 7.

Leonzo Bufford, 42, fatally shot his girlfriend, Kiesha L. Betton, 40, alleging that she had cheated on him.  Bufford then reportedly updated Betton's Facebook page after killing her, posting a message on her wall which reads: "Never PLAY GAMES WITH SOMEONE EMOTIONS OR CHEAT ON THEM WHEN THEY GIVE YOU THEIR ALL, PLEASE RESPECT THEIR LOVE AND DEVOTION , SOMEONE WILL END UP HURT OR WORSE DEAD."

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Bufford then proceeded to update Betton's Facebook account and posted comments from it.  In the comment section of one picture showing Bufford and Betton together, a Facebook user suggested that Bufford kill himself.  He then responded with, "I will."

He also wrote: "I’m done being lied to, that’s why it happen."

Betton was shot in the torso several times and died at the hospital, according to  Her two teenage daughters were reportedly present when their mother was killed.  They were unharmed and are now staying with their father.

It was also reported that Bufford traveled to South Euclid, Ohio, after the killing.  Investigators believe he shot an ex-girlfriend of his and her boyfriend, according to The Chronicle.  Their conditions are not currently known.

Police, who had obtained an arrest warrant for Bufford, found his car on Interstate 90 and proceeded to follow him.  They pursued the car into Cleveland, where Bufford eventually pulled over to shoot himself.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Sources:, Kiesha Betton/FacebookThe Chronicle / Photo credit: Elyria Police via

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