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Man Kills Ex-Wife And Her New Boyfriend In Illinois Sports Bar

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An Illinois woman and her boyfriend were shot dead by the woman’s ex-husband during their high school reunion at a sports bar in Peoria, Illinois on Saturday. 

The woman, 33-year-old Lori Moore, attended the event with 36-year-old Lance Griffel. Moore’s ex-husband, 40-year-old James Moore, reportedly walked in the door of Fifth Quarter Sports Bar and Pizza, where the event was being held, and fatally shot both of them. 

According to the Daily Mail, an off-duty FBI officer was present at the restaurant and he promptly responded by shooting and killing Moore. 

Lori Moore and Griffel (pictured) had been attending the East Peoria Community High School reunion for the class of 1999. Due to the large scale of the event, there were more than 100 witnesses that were able to confirm to law enforcement officials that the couple was shot by James Moore soon after he entered the building. Lori Moore and Griffel both sustained gun wounds to the head. 

Moore and her ex-husband were divorced in spring 2013, and the woman reportedly began dating Griffel soon thereafter. 

Last year, Illinois became the last state in the country to allow its citizens to apply for conceal carry licenses. East Peoria Police Chief Ganschow claimed that he supported the off-duty officer’s decision to react quickly to the gunman in the restaurant.

“It’s very difficult to say. You can play the ‘what if’ game over and over again, but I think it’s pretty clear in his case the presence of this officer and his ability to take very quick and very decisive action prevented a further tragedy,” Ganschow said, according to the Peoria Journal Star.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing but police and witnesses largely believe the shooting to be linked to domestic violence, given the relationship between the gunman and his victims.

Sources: Daily Mail, Peoria Journal Star


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