Former Marine Fatally Shot By Soldier At Walgreens


A former Marine was reportedly shot to death after trying to stop a gunman who opened fire at a Walgreens parking lot in Texas.

Anthony "T.J." Antell Jr., 35, was reportedly at the Arlington, Texas, drug store with his wife on May 2 when the shooting occurred.

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Ricci Bradden, a 22-year-old soldier stationed at Fort Hood, was visiting his wife, Quinisha Johnson, who works at the Walgreens, according to the Dallas Morning News. They argued in the parking lot, and that’s when Bradden took out a handgun and shot it twice -- once at the ground and once at Johnson's ankle.

Johnson told police she went into the Walgreens screaming for help. That’s when Antell sprang into action.

Antell reportedly grabbed a gun from his car and followed Bradden to his vehicle. He then told Bradden to get out of the car. Bradden complied and then shot Antell in the head, according to witnesses.

Bradden, who later turned himself in to police, told his Army supervisors that he had slapped the gun out of Antell's hand before fatally shooting him, according to the arrest warrant.

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Arlington Police Chief Christopher Cook praised Antell, a father-of-three, for his bravery.

“Very terrifying for people that had to watch and see, especially the Good Samaritan being shot and killed just trying to help out trying to keep the suspect from leaving,” Cook told Fox 4 News, according to Daily Mail.

Johnson was treated at a nearby hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Bradden is in jail and faces a murder charge.

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Sources: Dallas Morning News, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Julieta Chiquillo/Twitter, Facebook via Daily Mail

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