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Man Faces 65 Years After Killing Child For Wetting Bed (Photos)

Authorities sentenced an Indiana man to 65 years in prison after he beat a toddler to death for wetting the bed.

Shane Weedling, 24, is guilty of murdering 2-year-old Serenity Wilson with a hairbrush, the Associated Press reports.

"There was no reason this had to happen," Debra Blacklaw, Serenity's grandmother, said to WSBT. "She was a baby."

Weedling was dating the child's mother, Krysti Lavanway, when he inflicted multiple fatal blows to Wilson's head while babysitting her, WBST reports.

"Never without a smile," recalls members of the heartbroken Wilson family. "Bringing somebody's worst day to the best day just by showing her little teeth and big gums when she was happy."

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Authorities later said the child suffered wounds comparable to that of somebody involved in a high-speed car accident.

Lavanway also pleaded guilty to charges of neglect. Records reveal she did not call the police for hours despite finding her child unconscious and bloody in a hotel.

She faces 37 years in jail, yet is appealing the punishment.

Meanwhile in the UK, another man allegedly shook his partner's 11-week-old baby to death after finding out the child wasn't his, the Daily Mail reports.

Twenty-six-year-old James Larkin says he did not intend to kill the child. Instead, he accidentally "shook him in panic" because the baby was sick and he could not revive him.

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However, other officials say Larkin "snapped" after an ongoing bad relationship with the baby's "domineering" mother, Laura Ostle, who reportedly treated Larkin as a "slave."

"Theirs was, the prosecution say, a relationship on the edge," said prosecutor Dafydd Enoch QC. "She treated him like his lap dog and on occasion he would snap."

"Everyone with even the most basic common sense or knowledge of the world knows, do they not, that to violently shake a newborn baby for whatever reason is likely to cause very serious injuries if not death," he added. "This was, the prosecution say, a straightforward loss of temper by James Larkin. It can have been nothing else. It certainly was not an accident. It was a deliberate shaking."

Sources: The Associated Press via Fox News, WSBTDaily Mail / Photo credit: WSBT, Alex Cousins/ via Daily Mail

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