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Man Deported Eight Times Charged In Hit And Run

Authorities say a man who had been deported eight times and was in the country illegally was allegedly involved in a Kentucky hit-and-run car crash that killed two women.

Miguel Angel Villasenor-Saucedo, 40, is charged with driving the truck on Oct. 22 and fleeing the scene after the crash, the U.S. Department of Justice said in a press release.

He faced additional charges for illegally reentering the U.S. after his status was revealed.

If convicted, Villasenor-Saucedo will face at most two years in prison.

After capturing national attention, the incident sparked further debate over border security and immigration. Some saw this as proof that President-elect Donald Trump's campaign promise to build a wall along the southern border is necessary, viewing immigrants in the country illegally as dangerous.

"And here we go again," wrote one woman on The Blaze's Facebook page. "Another reason sanctuary cities are bad and the wall and boarder security needs beefed up. But the left will say we're racist or racially profiling. Gonna break up families. Criminals NO, ship them out or lock them up for good. Those who legally become citizens and are morally good people who will work and not suck of the welfare tit. Ok. You can stay!"

"Its time to step up the patrols and make illegal entry a harsh and severe penalty!!!" one commenter chimed in.

Others simply could not see how Trump's wall would have prevented Villasenor-Saucedo's from coming back.

"And how could this have been prevented?" responded another user. "The government did it's job and deported him eight times, he kept coming back. Even with a wall there will be people that find ways to come into the US."

While some immigrants are convicted of crimes, statistics reveal they're far less likely to commit violent crimes or to be imprisoned, the American Immigration Council reveals in a July 2015 report.

 “[This] holds true for both legal immigrants and the unauthorized, regardless of their country of origin or level of education," the report said.

“You can find many examples of any particular group of people committing horrible crimes: white men, white women, black men, black women, I mean, everyone," said Walter Ewing of the American Immigration Council, The Huffington Post reports. "You can find the anecdotes, but that has nothing to do with crime rates.”

Sources: Department of Justice, The Blaze/Facebook, American Immigration Council, The Huffington Post / Photo credit: U.S Fish and Wildlife via Politfact

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