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Man Sentenced For Sexually Assaulting Woman's Boyfriend While He Slept

In May 2014, Dale Everard, 22, reportedly befriended a man and his girlfriend at a bar after his blind date with another man went badly, and the woman invited him back to their apartment in Dunfermline, Scotland.

The couple fought about having a stranger in their home, but the man ended up falling asleep on their bed, fully clothed. Later that evening, he was reportedly awakened by someone performing a sex act on him.

The victim said he initially believed his girlfriend was performing oral sex on him, but he was stunned to discover it was in fact Everard, who told the victim, “You liked it,” before being kicked out, Pink News notes. The man was reportedly asleep as well as intoxicated at the time of Everard's sexual assault.

On Dec. 14, Everard faced justice for his actions and was sentenced to 18 months in prison for sexual assault. Although this is Everard’s first offense, he will have to register as a sex offender due to the severity of the crime.

“This was a serious offense carried out with considerable forethought," Sheriff Craig McSherry told Everard during sentencing, according to The Courier. "You befriended the victim’s girlfriend, went back to the flat with her, entered the bedroom and carried out the sexual assault."

Everard’s lawyer, Stephen Morrison, said his client’s memory of the incident was “extremely limited because of the excessive consumption of alcohol but he’s aware that’s no excuse.”

Sources: The Courier, Pink News / Photo Credit: The Courier

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