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Man Issued Ticket For Eating A Hamburger While Driving

Madison Turner of Alabama was driving through Cobb County, Georgia, eating a hamburger. Now, he may have some beef with the law since he’s been issued a ticket for eating while driving.

“The officer explained to me that he observed me eating a burger for 2 miles,” Turner told WSBTV. “He said specifically, three times, 'You can’t just go down the road eating a hamburger.'”

Turner was given a ticket under Georgia’s distracted driving law, and the police officer specifically cited Turner’s dining habits.

The law leaves some room for interpretation. It reads, in part, “A driver shall exercise due care in operating a motor vehicle on the highways of this state and shall not engage in any actions which shall distract such driver from the safe operation of such vehicle.”

Turner had some choice remarks regarding the incident. “Maybe I was enjoying the burger too much (and) I needed to tone it down,” he said. "I was certainly willing to do so, but I didn’t expect to be fined or punished."

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William Head, a traffic and DUI attorney who is not representing Turner, told WSBTV that he’d never seen a ticket like this. He added that the citation would make more sense had there been an accident of some sort.

“Maybe if you had a giant pizza in both hands and you weren’t holding the wheel, or maybe if you had a watermelon, half watermelon, and you were just diving into it holding it with both hands, maybe that would be something,” Head said.

A spokesperson for Cobb County police said they could not comment on the ongoing case. Turner is due in court on Feb. 3. 

Source: WSBTV / Image via Brian Ambrozy/Flickr


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